The Death of Me; a poem where opposites may attract with fatal consequences..

Spontaneity was not something often associated with my life

Planned and methodical to the point where all efforts were laboured

I couldn’t function without lists and tasks; goals kept me grounded

Yet I found myself engulfed by you and your noxious freedom


Just chill you would say but without my plans I felt naked

I wouldn’t feel prepared for the day, lacking in purpose

You swept in and within moments the effects took hold

You spurned my plans and I choked on your freedom


The fumes linger on though your time here was brief

I find myself struggling to free myself from the lists, but

Without my lists I am nothing, without goals I do not function

Your poison almost took more than my freedom

This is written from a three word prompt found here. I love drawing inspiration from writing prompts and then seeing how others can be inspired in vastly different ways. Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


Written from the daily prompt; bookworms

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A good strike causes the reaction desired

Light and heat, an explosion fired

But alas often the strike goes wrong

Try again but not too strong

For if your grip is too firm

The match will break not burn


In life we can make mistakes

But to try again is sometimes all it takes


The match is not meant to burn alone

It gives its light on and on

Till the match has burnt through

It’s served its purpose no more to do


Our life is oft like a match with

Measurement by how much we give 

Sophie’s fate

A short writing exercise for the prompt; ‘When the judgement came it…’ I’m really behind on prompts but i keep them saved and try come back to them so this is probably weeks old and I lost the link sorry 😦


Sophie rose, free from the restraints that had long held her down. She laughed giddily, enjoying floating above her home. Suddenly she was met with such light she could not open her eyes.

The light felt warm and comforting somehow, like a log fire on a bitter winter’s evening.

Silence, such as those filled with baited breath and anticipation, stretched on. Sophie knew she was dead but had never thought much of what might happen after. When the judgement came it caused a ripple of surprise for not to heaven or Hell, but back to earth to try and make amends, this was Sophie’s fate.