The Death of Me; a poem where opposites may attract with fatal consequences..

Spontaneity was not something often associated with my life

Planned and methodical to the point where all efforts were laboured

I couldn’t function without lists and tasks; goals kept me grounded

Yet I found myself engulfed by you and your noxious freedom


Just chill you would say but without my plans I felt naked

I wouldn’t feel prepared for the day, lacking in purpose

You swept in and within moments the effects took hold

You spurned my plans and I choked on your freedom


The fumes linger on though your time here was brief

I find myself struggling to free myself from the lists, but

Without my lists I am nothing, without goals I do not function

Your poison almost took more than my freedom

This is written from a three word prompt found here. I love drawing inspiration from writing prompts and then seeing how others can be inspired in vastly different ways. Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


A free writing exercise, designed to simply get words on a page with no self editing. I only used three of the five word prompts but I really enjoyed the exercise.



The cinema was a haven for Liz; she could escape her life for a few hours and enjoy the movie. Her friends laughed at her spending so much precious money on films, but Liz needed some way to escape her real life, they had their alcohol or their new fling but Liz could never bring herself to cheat on her husband. It wasn’t his fault there was so little money coming in and he was always decent towards her. She felt no love from him, it was more like living with a friend and not even a close friend who you could talk to for all Tim wanted to do was unwind in-front of the television and ignore the world passing by. Liz guessed that everyone needed their way to escape, no-one round here had much money and people were losing jobs so quickly and with hardly a reason that everyone was on edge and desperate. Liz worked as a cleaner for a business, the hours were monotonous and grueling, she sometimes worked late into the night but Tim would never minded; he always responded with a casual shrug and said he would just grab something to eat on his way home. Liz knew he never did, he preferred to be filled with beer and yet Liz had never known him to be drunk, for he drank only two beers each night, like some sort of sacred ritual. Liz escaped this repetitive evening when she came to the bright lights of the cinema. It was only a few coins she told herself, yet it was a pricey form of escape. She got home late from the cinema and found Tim had already gone to sleep on their small bed, wrapped tightly in the blanket yet shivering in their cold apartment. Liz felt guilty for spending her money on watching a stupid film when they needed money to give a bit of heat. She climbed into the bed next to him and tried to warm him a little with her body heat.


Here’s the link if you are interested in taking part;

blanket – falsetto – cumbersome – cinema – coins

You may use one or all of the words. Don’t force it. If only one speaks to you, that is your muse. Go with it. If you can use all of them with little effort (no over thinking it) then let it flow. I look forward to reading you.


A short writing exercise that I may later expand

The shadows were deep and cutting, the shattered light bulb still swung above her head. The party was long over. Sarah knew she should try and cover up what had happened, dispose the evidence, but she couldn’t move. A passer-by on the street outside her house, gawked through the window until Sarah finally roused herself and drew what remained of her red curtains to shut out the world. The agency would soon alter all her friend’s memories, but Sarah would still remember the horror in their eyes as they saw her in her true form, saw her for who she really was. She wasn’t a bad person, just different. The destruction had mainly been caused by their fear, though Sarah herself was responsible for the light bulb exploding; her manifestations always caused a great wave of energy to burst from her.

Sophie’s fate

A short writing exercise for the prompt; ‘When the judgement came it…’ I’m really behind on prompts but i keep them saved and try come back to them so this is probably weeks old and I lost the link sorry 😦


Sophie rose, free from the restraints that had long held her down. She laughed giddily, enjoying floating above her home. Suddenly she was met with such light she could not open her eyes.

The light felt warm and comforting somehow, like a log fire on a bitter winter’s evening.

Silence, such as those filled with baited breath and anticipation, stretched on. Sophie knew she was dead but had never thought much of what might happen after. When the judgement came it caused a ripple of surprise for not to heaven or Hell, but back to earth to try and make amends, this was Sophie’s fate.

I came across this blog and below is my

I came across this blog and below is my inspiration from the image.

No wind moved in this tranquil air and the lake became a mirror of the world. Everything shown without comment or bias, the good and bad displayed together as if in harmony and yet in a way they are for neither can exist without the other. The saying, ‘You never know what you got till it’s gone.’ Ran through Esmerald’s head as she tried to glimpse an idea of what might be coming. The reflection only showed the here and now she knew that there were whispers of the future hidden beneath the surface, if only she could see them. Esmerald concentrated once more on her reflection hoping to see what would become of her.

The queue was so long

I stood in the heart of a shifting forest, like one from my childhood. The clock laughed at me with its sluggish pace and I felt an urge to join the flowing tide rather than stand here a moment longer. The queue was so long.

My sister warned me to book but I hadn’t listened. Why did she always have to be so right? The line shuffled closer and more trains were announced by the echoing female’s voice.

Rubbing warmth into my fingers I sighed heavily and made a mental note to listen to my sister more.


My writing challenge turned into a poem

Ok so my first attempt was very simple thoughts with no flow or editing. my aim was to personify the nature. making it feel more alive, more real.

The leaves turn a golden glow as the light falls down on them, warming them and making them grow reaching greedily for more light.
The sun does not distinguish between plant or weed but shines on all.
The branches sway slightly, dancing in the sunlight.
Trees in the distance create a golden brown border ending the horizon abruptly. The field in front seems still in slumber. Its rough texture shows a more natural view with clumps of grass growing higher than others
The sky is such an endless plain blue that lifts you higher into its depths. It is a welcoming, calming blue that even the birds song is hushed. The wind moves in defiance against the calming blue. It makes the trees dance and sway and and sends the grass rippling in delight. The wind wants to play and rush around but most of nature is quite and calm, luxuriating in the rare sunlight.

After a little tweaking and editing I now have a poem but I’m unsure what to call it. please help! below is the poem (thou it may still need tweaking and perfecting)

The sun fixes its gaze upon the leaves, casting them in a golden glow, warming them and beckoning them towards its light.

The sun does not distinguish between plant or weed but shines on all.

The sky is such an endless plain blue, lifting you higher into its depths. It is a welcoming, calming blue that even the birdsong is hushed. The wind moves in defiance against the calming blue. It makes the trees dance and sway and sends the grass rippling in delight. The wind wants to play and rush around but most of nature is quiet and calm, luxuriating in the rare sunlight.

The branches shiver in joy, dancing with the light. The field rests in a quiet siesta; the hushed birdsong becomes its lullaby.

I plan to do more poems and writing exercises to hopefully improve. let me know what you think 🙂