The Death of Me; a poem where opposites may attract with fatal consequences..

Spontaneity was not something often associated with my life

Planned and methodical to the point where all efforts were laboured

I couldn’t function without lists and tasks; goals kept me grounded

Yet I found myself engulfed by you and your noxious freedom


Just chill you would say but without my plans I felt naked

I wouldn’t feel prepared for the day, lacking in purpose

You swept in and within moments the effects took hold

You spurned my plans and I choked on your freedom


The fumes linger on though your time here was brief

I find myself struggling to free myself from the lists, but

Without my lists I am nothing, without goals I do not function

Your poison almost took more than my freedom

This is written from a three word prompt found here. I love drawing inspiration from writing prompts and then seeing how others can be inspired in vastly different ways. Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

Caught in the glare, a quatern poem



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The dragon fixed its topaz eye

I felt a shiver down my spine

I froze and stifled back the cry

He didn’t move, eye locked with mine


I took a breath but could not move

The dragon fixed its topaz eye

More intensely without a move

That bejewelled eye in anger flared


As I held my sword, hoped to try

Break this bond and take back what’s mine

The dragon fixed its topaz eye

A waiting game to him was fine


But I had no such luxury

I placed down sword and watched him fly

Not going far, with love I flee

The dragon fixed its topaz eye


Thanks to Cubby for another challenge

A calming voice

I felt an urge to do some writing despite not usually writing in evenings (due to no concentration) So if this is my worst post to date you will know why and I have something to blame 😛 

I decided to do a Flash in the Pan challenge with the prompt Delusional. 100 words really isn’t very much but I enjoy the challenge.


He found again the image before him and yet felt sure he had taken a different path through the woods. He swung away from the fires and marched back into the gloomy half-light of the trees, but only a few steps brought him back to his nightmare as if it stalked him, Drawn by his fear.

Soft words came to him on the breeze, telling him to relax, that he was being taken care of. He felt he should know that voice, she was important somehow but he was too anxious to flee this hell to be able to focus.

Overcoming limitation

Here is the second poem inspired by the blog


This is what I was given, I am who I am

Yet could I become something I’m not?

Become better, upgraded, top notch?

Yet this is what you gave me, can I be what I’m not?


The aversion to groups, living a quiet life

I got this from you and yet I feel I must try

Spend time with friends, get out and about

‘It’s hard to be different’ again I will cry


My social life is behind me, I wish to just settle

Then I’m dragged from the house by a demand

I have to keep going, spend time in large groups

Pretend to enjoy the noise and smile they command


I can’t be what I’m not. I’ve tried time and again

So let me now settle in the company of paper and pen

The report was due tomorow

Her reaction didn’t result from an explosion of noise, no-one had heard anything frightful but Shelly.

She insisted it was an out of place noise, it was alien to the office environment but where did the noise come from? She struggled to find words to describe and slowly less people believed in her tale. It seemed that someone else should have heard this quiet rasping voice.

Her reaction had spilt hot coffee over her work space, ruining her work. With a frustrated sigh she turned to her desk and tried to salvage something of the report that was due tomorrow. 


This is for the 100 word challenge using the prompt 

….but where did the noise come from…

here’s the link if you want to join in 🙂


The rose denied

My attempt at the writing challenge set by


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By artur84, published on 06 April 2013

If I enter my tragedy unravelled

Must you pursue me pharisaically?

Translate these hypocritical tendencies

And show some mercy

Don’t all roses hold thorns also?

Must your focus be on mine?

Turn from them to my petals

Or better see how dry my roots are

I need love and nurture

I have come in humility

Yet feel I am denied

What was he thinking?

I do have a poem to write up but until then here’s a 100 word challenge.



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We knew he could often be unpredictable or thoughtless, but the bombshell he dropped left us all frozen. It lapped at our stone stillness like the sea upon rocks, this muted gag slowly chipped away at us all forcing some movement to return. My mother closed her mouth and pursed her lips and my father put down his coffee cup, that had until now been held frozen half way to his lips. What was he thinking? I turned on my brother slapping him sharply around head. He rubbed his head but remained unfazed, perhaps even slightly entertained at our reactions.


The prompt was silence, here’s the link if you want to take part 🙂

First day went well :)

well today i have done very well on my challenge, i did over 1000 words in my novel and almost 300 words in my two poems! I am so happy but I won’t be changing the goals as I know that in a few days time when the challenge isn’t so new I may struggle to keep up the good work. 

With my poems I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and please ask you to pass on any constructive criticism  that i might increase in knowledge and abilities.

Beauty hard to show, poem

So the challenge has begun and i wrote over 500 words in my novel fairly easily so doubled my goal 🙂 great start.

Here’s a short poem and there’s another one to follow soon 🙂


Beauty hard to show


Trying to blend the colours

Find the right hue

Fixing different sections

Till an image comes in view


Chalk dust coats my fingers

Leaves my throat raw

A sacrifice for pleasure

Still I tweak some more


My picture may not be the best

But I just had to try

To capture the beauty that

Outside my house does lie