Holiday departure; a 100 word poem

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No hot sun welcomed her as she rolled her lumbering suitcase along the dull grey tarmac. Waiting for a taxi gave her too much time to reminisce. She would miss the island; so many great evenings spent dancing with the locals, and those fantastic afternoons trying out the best restaurants. Still, holidays make memories but her life was no less filled with joy. She could get back to her faithful cat and catch up with friends; work wasn’t too bad when the boss wasn’t breathing down her neck! She enjoyed her everyday life, but she really would miss that sun.

What a transformation the soft rays from the sun can make

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Even the murky brown puddles became more beautiful

With their still surface reflecting the glowing leaves.

The bright sunlight transforming a gloomy day

To this radiant image that surrounds me

Light filtering softly between leaves

Chasing away the shadows

Such a change from

The dark of an



News from London

I have taken the prompt for 100 word challenge in what i feel is an unexpected direction. The picture to me looked as thou the fried egg had been cooked on a hot pavement so this then sparked my 100 words. 


The hot pavement sizzles in the afternoon sun. Gemma’s body grows tired as the heat drains all energy.

The smell of the sticky heat surrounds Gemma in a shroud, each breath more laboured than the last.

Gemma has not walked far before perspiration soaks her thin clothes. She was a fool to walk outside in the full heat of day, but the need to hear from her friend pushed her forwards. Fern had been to London and Gemma longed to hear of fashions and gossip.

Gemma had great news to share; for Gemma had been honoured by an unexpected visitor.


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I find the words very limiting but that it helps keep my writing precise and fast paced.

Observing the view

Plants adorned with sparkling diamonds

Glistening in the slight breeze

Stand proudly before the field

Absorbing all its colour


The field is stripped of once bright hue

Reduced to a pale green

Though at times it seems as if

The sun has bleached it red


The bold, strong hued plants glisten

Reflecting back the light

What beautiful things I see

When I just take time

Sky you trickster

Sky you trickster, awaking me from my dreams.

You promised me sunshine, with those golden streams

Of light through my curtains giving a golden glow

The day looked to be perfect, but all just a show


Outside all I see is endless clouds bright

Grey and menacing, in places shining white

I’m now wide awake but feel cheated and lied to

Hoping for a sun filled day but that dream just fell through


I know I talk a lot about weather but when you find

It affects your mood, the weather becomes a sign

Of how you might well feel, I do not know why

I have such a close connection with the sky


But sometimes I just wish to be normal and free.


The butterfly lands by my feet, fearless and beautiful. It flies away again fluttering its red wings with those dark spots. I follow it with my gaze then carefully creep forward only to have it fly high above me head and land back on the path almost as if its inviting me to follow. I creep forward even slower than before; hoping to capture this wonderful creature in a photo but off it goes again leading me back the way I have come. I will not take up the chase, I have only just left the house and I’m enjoying the warmth of the sun far too much to consider turning back. I feel happy and relaxed as a stroll through the field trying to drink in my surroundings.