Summers Keepsake

I have been very slow in getting this post done. I am still trying to catch up on reading everyone’s posts but i’m almost a week behind due to visiting my family so I can’t really say sorry as i’m too happy to be spending time with them but I will keep trying to catch up as I enjoy reading your poems and stories and blogs 🙂

This is a poem that I wrote with the talented Simon,

This was my first ever collaboration and I was very nervous that I took over the writing (sorry Simon i can be a bit bossy 😛 ). We tried to write all of it together, commenting and critiquing each others sections so that it flowed seamlessly together. I hope you enjoy and sorry for those whom have already read this poem.


Summers Keepsake


I wish I could capture that dreamy blue sky
To keep forever the snow white clouds
I watch that hint of pink creeping
Out on the distant horizon
It all seems so soft and gentle
If only I could hold it like a lovers caress.


I wish I could bottle that sweet summer scent
To preserve for ever the soft sighing wind
I close my eyes, bathe in the warmth
From the majestic sun
It brings to mind such bliss
As being gazed upon by a lovers eyes.


The warmth seeps into my bones
Bestowing upon me such pleasure
That will be kept inside forever
A small keepsake of this perfect day
That an artist in all his ability
Could not dream to capture


Each day is such a treasure
Sweetening memories of harsh winters
Bitter yet softened by the shining, golden sun
So I will bask and savour this day
Of dreamy blue sky and
Magnificent snow white clouds.

Conflict of desires

Focused inside I don’t notice the change

The wind picking up and the clouds rearrange

Too consumed with my reading I forget to look

Intent on my learning, I miss things not found in a book


The beauty of nature it takes my breath away

So changeable and vast, my gaze longs to stay

Fixed on the fields and treeline, to watch the birds fly

But I have much I wish to do; I can’t let time rush by

Nature’s sequins

Two toned leaves are like

Nature’s sequins of green

Sparkling in the sun shine

As they dance in the breeze


One leaf would not capture my gaze

But there are hundreds of leaves dancing

The light on dark brings vivid contrast

I smile as I watch their joyful dance


They flicker eagerly

Leaves happy to play

My eyes are locked on

Can’t seem to look away