Life leads where i must go

Life thrown up in the air

Pieces landing here and there

What will be now, I don’t know but do care


Where life leads I don’t know

But like a child holding mothers hand

She leads and I must go


No point worrying over uncertainties

Best to wait for life to settle and see

But worry I do other where life leads

Days pass by without meaning

Is life what you give?

Or is life what you get?

There is so much I’ve done I wish to forget

Yet I try to move on, let go of regret


Is all that I am today

All that I am each day?

Is it greedy to want more, or but a drive to achieve?

I wish to be more than the life that I lead


Is time really so short?

Or as infinite as thought?

Each day I stand so still, life I neglect

What have I done with my time? Not much yet