Empty Space; a Poem about waiting

dark photo of me

I wait in an empty space

The dark doesn’t scare me

I am waiting, waiting for life to start

I will stay here, barely moving

Ready for when the lights turn on

Ready for the right time to take part

Then the space will be filled

Excitement barely controlled

As life begins with art

Life leads where i must go

Life thrown up in the air

Pieces landing here and there

What will be now, I don’t know but do care


Where life leads I don’t know

But like a child holding mothers hand

She leads and I must go


No point worrying over uncertainties

Best to wait for life to settle and see

But worry I do other where life leads

Days pass by without meaning

Is life what you give?

Or is life what you get?

There is so much I’ve done I wish to forget

Yet I try to move on, let go of regret


Is all that I am today

All that I am each day?

Is it greedy to want more, or but a drive to achieve?

I wish to be more than the life that I lead


Is time really so short?

Or as infinite as thought?

Each day I stand so still, life I neglect

What have I done with my time? Not much yet