Jealous writer

Here is the post i was working on yesterday. I still don’t think it’s ready but I am at a loss to work out how to change it so i’ll post it and when I find a way to improve, I will just have to re-blog. I warn you it is a bit of a rant (I don’t always feel like this)


Does everyone write?

I talk to a friend of my novel

And I’m met with their ideas.

The story they wish to write.


I sit and listen patiently

But all the while

Feeling they have taken

From me, it’s me that writes


Well maybe everyone can write

But all I wanted, was

Something I’m good at

To not be something they’re all good at too


They have their work

They can contribute to the earnings

This is the nearest I might get

Writing gives me some achievement


It’s not about money for I doubt I’ll make any

It’s about doing something I’m good at

Only to find that it really isn’t anything special

It’s not as good as theirs


I wanted to have something, be someone

My jealousy burns with each good idea of theirs