Support, a poem about an amazing husband

This is a short poem written for an old prompt from dailypost blog.


You are more than friend or partner

You my love are a dearly needed support

A beam that holds the structure of a crumbling building in place

Without you I would cease to be me at all

I would cease to be anything

But rubble

You are such support

It seems it comes naturally

Without thought, you take my weight

With a skill and ease that shows

A full desire to be of use

My dear there could be no-one of more use

You are my main support, holding me up

Whilst I frantically rebuild my life

One painful brick at a time

For anyone who is interested I have hit the target of 50,000 words for my NaNoWriMo novel (National, Novel, Writhing, Month)

I still haven’t decided on the end few scenes but I have nearly completed the novel and it’s only the 12th yippee!!! 🙂


Written from the daily prompt; bookworms

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A good strike causes the reaction desired

Light and heat, an explosion fired

But alas often the strike goes wrong

Try again but not too strong

For if your grip is too firm

The match will break not burn


In life we can make mistakes

But to try again is sometimes all it takes


The match is not meant to burn alone

It gives its light on and on

Till the match has burnt through

It’s served its purpose no more to do


Our life is oft like a match with

Measurement by how much we give