Holiday departure; a 100 word poem

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No hot sun welcomed her as she rolled her lumbering suitcase along the dull grey tarmac. Waiting for a taxi gave her too much time to reminisce. She would miss the island; so many great evenings spent dancing with the locals, and those fantastic afternoons trying out the best restaurants. Still, holidays make memories but her life was no less filled with joy. She could get back to her faithful cat and catch up with friends; work wasn’t too bad when the boss wasn’t breathing down her neck! She enjoyed her everyday life, but she really would miss that sun.

Caught in the glare, a quatern poem



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The dragon fixed its topaz eye

I felt a shiver down my spine

I froze and stifled back the cry

He didn’t move, eye locked with mine


I took a breath but could not move

The dragon fixed its topaz eye

More intensely without a move

That bejewelled eye in anger flared


As I held my sword, hoped to try

Break this bond and take back what’s mine

The dragon fixed its topaz eye

A waiting game to him was fine


But I had no such luxury

I placed down sword and watched him fly

Not going far, with love I flee

The dragon fixed its topaz eye


Thanks to Cubby for another challenge

Wishing I could talk with the Bronte Sisters, a Rondeau poem

This is my attempt at Cubby’s challenge. I have never before tried to write a rondeau and may never again as I found this very difficult and restricting.


Wishing I could talk with the Bronte Sisters


What would you feel if I could but show you?

The world changing fast from all that you knew

Cars making fumes that the passers-by choke on

Plumbing bringing fresh water, I don’t con

Don’t turn away there’s much I can tell you


Medicines cure much so deaths can be few

Men travel in space, land on the moon too

Sorry to shock you, I tend to run on

I wish I could show you


The world’s changed much, yet I feel I know you

Stories you wrote, read by so many whom

Then visit your home, see how you had fun

See your letters and the desks you lent on

I wish I could show you