Holiday departure; a 100 word poem

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No hot sun welcomed her as she rolled her lumbering suitcase along the dull grey tarmac. Waiting for a taxi gave her too much time to reminisce. She would miss the island; so many great evenings spent dancing with the locals, and those fantastic afternoons trying out the best restaurants. Still, holidays make memories but her life was no less filled with joy. She could get back to her faithful cat and catch up with friends; work wasn’t too bad when the boss wasn’t breathing down her neck! She enjoyed her everyday life, but she really would miss that sun.

The family we choose

Ok i wrote this in response to the 100 word challenge, but i think it could be a new story idea, let me know what you think.


I sat listening as Garrik told the group of my family’s demise.

‘The men arrived as the sun was setting. I watched, knowing I could never reach them in time. Chelsea here was out picking flowers when it happened, she was only 3. I found her crying, alone, curled around her mother’s body.’

A tear threatened to escape so I walked away from the group. I never really felt the right emotion about my past, but even so, there’s always a sting in the tale. After a while I felt Garriks arm around me. I let me head rest on his broad shoulder, felling me body relax.