Broken Vessel

Flashes of light

With flashes of pain

My body is like a signalling flame

Warning those who would venture too near,



There is danger here


Yet some still come

On in for the kill

As if to seek a new height of thrill

But mine’s the shipwreck upon the rough



Just too tight, too tough
No scheme was planned

Nor hurt done by will

Damage is done by a friend who yet still

Won’t heed the flames that caution all touch



You think it not much
Just a slight hug

A pat on the skin

Your my friend so I wish you’d begin

To see that these moments you wish to be nice



Yes I pay the price
Next time you think

Hugs show friendship

May I suggest you take a small trip

Down the road that I’m walking on



Far from summers sun

Maybe try words

Or invites for tea

But please stop this contact now that you see

Pain just doubles with those physical signs



But don’t cross that line

Ruled by Anxiety

I know these feelings a little too well.

Pooky's Poems

I can’t get a thought in edgeways
When my head is full of fear,
Anxiety wreaks havoc
And my other thoughts aren’t clear.
The part of me that’s strong and sane
Is sitting in a well,
It tries to shout advice to me
I think, it’s hard to tell
Because it sounds so distant
And its words are all obscured
By the nasty mumbo jumbo
That I’m trying to ignore.
Eventually I break and cave
And anxious thoughts run free.
And when they do,
For a short time
I wish I wasn’t me.


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Worth and Wealth, a poem to cross social boundries

Worth and Wealth

There was not much left to tell the story in the setting of a farmland’s edge. The court shoes; a sign of her great wealth, had been gifted her that very morning but received with little care, just another to add to the rest. Mirrored were two muddy work boots, worn each day almost from birth. He but a humble farm hand, yet could show her some true worth. Their passion was too great for them to remain here on earth. Now two pairs of shoes give notice, worth and wealth are not one and same.

Heart Sigh

so glad I got the okay to re-blog this beautifully crafted poem


Someone caught the sigh and sent it homewards,

Breath returned to dream from whence it came,

Lent on wings one night for all eternal,

Breath refreshed in calling of one name.

‘Lover’, spoke the wind that carried heart sigh, 

‘Whither thou go, angels feather first,

I will murmur softly, in their passing,

Reminding life, a sigh may mean rebirth.’

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The Arrow

Reading this poem made me think on dreams we may have yet not strive towards and then I got to thinking about something I have been looking into recently; what is my purpose?

I came across a T.D Jakes video clip on purpose and he explained how passion leads to purpose and our troubles are like an arrow being drawn back ready to fly towards our purpose, ‘Regression leads to progression’ So here is a poem inspired by thoughts that are running through a chaotic mind.

The Arrow

arrow image part one

Dreaming is a risk we take

For we will hurt when they do break

But when they bring us to a new world

The dream is worth it’s weight in gold

To look ahead at what may be

There is some risk, for what we see

My lead us on a rocky road

Make us carry that heavy load

But if we push towards a dream

Fuelled by passion, for what we’ve seen

The pain we feel on wearied roads

Just drives us forward to lighter loads

So do not grieve for what is lost

Do not focus on your cost

But look ahead to purpose clear

Use that passion to lead you near

arrow image part two

A call for love

Take me love to lands anew
Traveling rough, the fro and to
Of nature’s waters, or in the air
With heavy breaths we travel there

Take me softly across the land
Near bubbling streams you hold my hand
The water’s chuckles we echo clear
As you hold me closer, hold me near

Take me in what way you choose
Just take me soon, no time to lose

Harsh reality of life

Alas poor Yorick, I knew him…

This famous of lines sparks a great many thoughts


How sad to think our friends will die.

How morbid and gloomy you cry.

Yet is it good to pretend all life goes on,

Like a fairytale story or over happy song?


I prefer to remember life is short.

Do my best to live in the present.


Try to spend time wisely, see family and friends.

Till this body dies and my life swiftly ends.

I try not to get caught in what might have been,

Some days i will struggle and on family i lean.



There is something calming about being where i grew up

Yet there is a tinge of sadness that i’m not who i once was


Not much has changed, it still feels like home.

I wish I lived nearer and didn’t have to roam.

I feel more at ease, I don’t wish to leave

Yet a new home i have, where my life i now weave.


Think i may be a word over the 100 words but i am on my mum’s laptop and can’t work out how i might go about counting the words lol.

Hope people enjoy the poem and if you want to take part then here’s the link. I found the prompt very inspiring.

Smog poem

All lies in haze, this heavy shroud

Covering England with a silence loud

No birds calling all hush and still

The lands too quiet, I feel a chill


Like the intake before a great storm

Standing on the edge of what feels norm

Whilst surrounding me a heavy smog

Like smoke from a long burning log


I stay in the warmth and try not to see

Not focus on the strange but my own reality

Reality of my safe warm home

Content to stay put, why should I roam?