Holiday departure; a 100 word poem

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No hot sun welcomed her as she rolled her lumbering suitcase along the dull grey tarmac. Waiting for a taxi gave her too much time to reminisce. She would miss the island; so many great evenings spent dancing with the locals, and those fantastic afternoons trying out the best restaurants. Still, holidays make memories but her life was no less filled with joy. She could get back to her faithful cat and catch up with friends; work wasn’t too bad when the boss wasn’t breathing down her neck! She enjoyed her everyday life, but she really would miss that sun.

Harsh reality of life

Alas poor Yorick, I knew him…

This famous of lines sparks a great many thoughts


How sad to think our friends will die.

How morbid and gloomy you cry.

Yet is it good to pretend all life goes on,

Like a fairytale story or over happy song?


I prefer to remember life is short.

Do my best to live in the present.


Try to spend time wisely, see family and friends.

Till this body dies and my life swiftly ends.

I try not to get caught in what might have been,

Some days i will struggle and on family i lean.



There is something calming about being where i grew up

Yet there is a tinge of sadness that i’m not who i once was


Not much has changed, it still feels like home.

I wish I lived nearer and didn’t have to roam.

I feel more at ease, I don’t wish to leave

Yet a new home i have, where my life i now weave.


Think i may be a word over the 100 words but i am on my mum’s laptop and can’t work out how i might go about counting the words lol.

Hope people enjoy the poem and if you want to take part then here’s the link. I found the prompt very inspiring.

Five sentence fiction – Sweet Scented Rain

A five sentence fiction from the prompt ‘clutch


My eyes focused on the bouquet of flowers, clutched in the hand of the man I love. He was dripping wet yet no weather could dampen his mood.  He stood with a boyish grin as he offered me his dripping surprise. The card read; ‘your smile is like sunshine beckoning me through the rain.’ The flower’s sweet scent was soon lost to me as I tasted his lips upon mine.

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Fall – 100 word challenge

by David Castillo Dominici on

I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did and now I’m stuck down here in this dingy hole wishing just one person believed me. It’s been over 20 hours now since the fall. She did fall, I couldn’t…I wouldn’t have. Well no-one believes me, but it was an accident. I loved her, sure we argued but so do most people. I would never hurt her.

Was I angry? Yes. She’d been wittering on about me not helping when my mother mentioned grandchildren, but that’s no reason to… well I just couldn’t do that. Ironic that she was pregnant.

A calming voice

I felt an urge to do some writing despite not usually writing in evenings (due to no concentration) So if this is my worst post to date you will know why and I have something to blame 😛 

I decided to do a Flash in the Pan challenge with the prompt Delusional. 100 words really isn’t very much but I enjoy the challenge.


He found again the image before him and yet felt sure he had taken a different path through the woods. He swung away from the fires and marched back into the gloomy half-light of the trees, but only a few steps brought him back to his nightmare as if it stalked him, Drawn by his fear.

Soft words came to him on the breeze, telling him to relax, that he was being taken care of. He felt he should know that voice, she was important somehow but he was too anxious to flee this hell to be able to focus.

The report was due tomorow

Her reaction didn’t result from an explosion of noise, no-one had heard anything frightful but Shelly.

She insisted it was an out of place noise, it was alien to the office environment but where did the noise come from? She struggled to find words to describe and slowly less people believed in her tale. It seemed that someone else should have heard this quiet rasping voice.

Her reaction had spilt hot coffee over her work space, ruining her work. With a frustrated sigh she turned to her desk and tried to salvage something of the report that was due tomorrow. 


This is for the 100 word challenge using the prompt 

….but where did the noise come from…

here’s the link if you want to join in 🙂