Awaiting to fulfil my purpose; a poem about watching others progressing and wishing to join them


Like shells upon a beach,

I found you

White against the pale sand

Not meant for this dry land

You wait with promise of much

You long for her gentle touch

Then you notice movement…

The lucky one

One that gets what you so need

He glides away, he has been freed

She welcomes him back to her care

As he glides like a swan with grace so fair

Although this may sound almost like a love poem it is more about life. The boat has been left on the beach, not fulfilling his purpose to be free. His purpose is to be on the water.

The female within the poem is the water but can also represent mother nature, she is ever flowing and willing to have all things as they should be. This is why she welcomes the boat back, she welcomes the returning of things to their natural course, a returning to her care.

I currently feel like the beached boat, purpose left as a dream and watching others live out their dreams. Each time I re-read the poem the last stanza has a different emotion behind it, sometimes bitterness and jealousy, other times I feel empty and despairing of ever moving but at times I feel happy for that other boat, I wish them well and just wait for my time to arrive.

This leads me to something I came across very recently. I read an article on the Independent about a man called Chade-Meng Tan. Meng’s job title is what caught my attention ‘Jolly good fellow’. I am not making this up, Google employ him to engineer happiness or make people feel Jolly. So this peaked my interest and as I read on I began to want to know more about how he works and how I might learn from him. How can I be more happy?

In the small video linked within the article, Meng gives me an answer of sorts. Happiness comes from compassion. To think of every person you meet ‘I wish you well.’ This puts a damper of self centred thoughts and leads to greater compassion for others. Greater compassion means greater happiness, simple right!

So moving back to my poem, I felt at times a glimmer of the compassion he spoke of. A willingness to move my focus away from myself onto the other. I admit it was only fleeting and far less common then the feelings of jealousy, but at least it was there. I plan to work on this so I might become a happier person right here and now.

My thanks goes to Paul Militaru for allowing me to use his stunning photo, please check out more of his inspiring work.

6 thoughts on “Awaiting to fulfil my purpose; a poem about watching others progressing and wishing to join them

  1. I hope you don’t mind, Fi, but I’ve linked to this post in one of my own. I was really moved by your words, your honesty and self-reflection. The TED Talk is inspiring and I felt compelled to add my voice to yours.x

      1. Thank you, Fi. I love when reading something someone else has written sparks thoughts. This one very much did so. Hope all is well with you. Best wishes for this New Year. 🙂

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