The Arrow

Reading this poem made me think on dreams we may have yet not strive towards and then I got to thinking about something I have been looking into recently; what is my purpose?

I came across a T.D Jakes video clip on purpose and he explained how passion leads to purpose and our troubles are like an arrow being drawn back ready to fly towards our purpose, ‘Regression leads to progression’ So here is a poem inspired by thoughts that are running through a chaotic mind.

The Arrow

arrow image part one

Dreaming is a risk we take

For we will hurt when they do break

But when they bring us to a new world

The dream is worth it’s weight in gold

To look ahead at what may be

There is some risk, for what we see

My lead us on a rocky road

Make us carry that heavy load

But if we push towards a dream

Fuelled by passion, for what we’ve seen

The pain we feel on wearied roads

Just drives us forward to lighter loads

So do not grieve for what is lost

Do not focus on your cost

But look ahead to purpose clear

Use that passion to lead you near

arrow image part two


6 thoughts on “The Arrow

  1. I think we had a conversation before in comments about passion and purpose when you were unsure whether writing was a passion. I can’t remember the post exactly. But something that returns to us again and again, whether it be writing or something else, must surely constitute a passion begging for acknowledgement. Why else does it persist in revisiting? I hope your passions flourish and give purpose to all you would wish.
    It’s lovely to see you back, Fi. There has been a gentleness absent in the blogging world without your voice.
    To passion and purpose and realising both.x

    1. I think i have found a passion for something other than writing, good as i feel my poetry is okay but my novel writing is very poor. I am unsure if it is a passion to follow but hope to make a decision soon. (it may be a not now decision as not sure i’m ready with my health getting worse again) love sharing with everyone here and am touched by how much i have been welcomed back 😀

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