Harsh reality of life

Alas poor Yorick, I knew him…

This famous of lines sparks a great many thoughts


How sad to think our friends will die.

How morbid and gloomy you cry.

Yet is it good to pretend all life goes on,

Like a fairytale story or over happy song?


I prefer to remember life is short.

Do my best to live in the present.


Try to spend time wisely, see family and friends.

Till this body dies and my life swiftly ends.

I try not to get caught in what might have been,

Some days i will struggle and on family i lean.



There is something calming about being where i grew up

Yet there is a tinge of sadness that i’m not who i once was


Not much has changed, it still feels like home.

I wish I lived nearer and didn’t have to roam.

I feel more at ease, I don’t wish to leave

Yet a new home i have, where my life i now weave.


Think i may be a word over the 100 words but i am on my mum’s laptop and can’t work out how i might go about counting the words lol.

Hope people enjoy the poem and if you want to take part then here’s the link. I found the prompt very inspiring.


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