Smog poem

All lies in haze, this heavy shroud

Covering England with a silence loud

No birds calling all hush and still

The lands too quiet, I feel a chill


Like the intake before a great storm

Standing on the edge of what feels norm

Whilst surrounding me a heavy smog

Like smoke from a long burning log


I stay in the warmth and try not to see

Not focus on the strange but my own reality

Reality of my safe warm home

Content to stay put, why should I roam?


6 thoughts on “Smog poem

    1. I was out last night and just thought it was fog so when i heard the news this morning i was a little shocked but it did explain my slightly hurting eyes (similar to what i get with hay fever)

      1. It gave me a headache and a funny throat. It was typical as I normally run, but I’ve hurt my knee so was walking. As a consequence I was out in it three times longer than I would have been. Always happens to me.

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