Where does sharing end and offloading begin? Poem

Warning, this was written when in a very low place so for any with depression this may become a trigger. (I do not want to ruin anyone’s day so thought a warning might be better 🙂 ) and for those who may get concerned I have climbed up a bit from down there 🙂 I find writing poems helps express how i feel even to myself. I must say I was shocked to read this back and realise just how low i get.


Is keeping from you just how low I feel, lying?

Should I open up fully or is that just offloading?

I know you want to be there for me, but how much can you deal with?

When you have you own worries. How much can you give?


I try to tell you just what’s needed. Not dwell on the pain

Keep things to basics avoid opening a vein

I don’t want the feelings to bleed out of me

Feelings that would worry, as you’d know I’m not free

Free to make choices of what I will and won’t do

No. I am a prisoner till the illness is through


Is hiding all of this really such a bad thing?

Where does sharing end and offloading begin?

If I can’t face myself, due to guilt and the hate,

Then does It mean I should share or try and change my fate?


4 thoughts on “Where does sharing end and offloading begin? Poem

  1. Nicely written. Some of the best writing comes from that place of authentic emotions. I write heavy stuff when depressed or manic… Sometimes disturbs me on replay too. I feel ya- I don’t want to burden others and it’s hard for me to verbalize how I feel sometimes. But when it gets to open vein level I definitely reach out. Wish you the best with future bouts. Glad you’re not still in that dark place.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. It can be such a shock to realise where my thoughts go to when down in that place. wish you the best also and i’m glad we both have writing as a way to express those dark feelings.

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