What good would it do?

By stock images on http://www.freedigitalphotos.net


I feel like running, far away from here

But my problems wouldn’t lag behind, I’d be racing side by side

I feel like screaming, cursing nobody and everybody

But my voice will only carry my troubles to listening ears

I feel like staying in bed, curtains shut tight

But darkness doesn’t hide the pain and solitude won’t help

I feel like doing many things, none of them very healthy

But I force myself to take a another route


Does that make me bold or stupid?


4 thoughts on “What good would it do?

  1. It makes you human. With a core of strength. If this is biographical be sure it changes. It always does. Not always at our pace granted and not always in the way we think or wish for. But change it does. Dark and light. Despair and hope. Seasonal. Be well. x

    1. Thank you for such a kind response. it really doesnt feel like strength lol but hoping it changes soon, already feeling better than when i wrote it so maybe its up from here on. 🙂 thank you again

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