Bottom Feeders

This felt almost like a relaxation exercise, some very wise words 🙂

Lyrical Anarchy

Clark Little's Tube Waves Photographs

Bottom Feeders

All the silly shit
Happening all at once
Is completely meaningless
Why jump into a lake
When you know it’s poisonous?
To pursue the goals
Of peace, serenity, tranquility
Let the drama around you
Slowly settle to the bottom
And become part of the bedrock
Step carefully across the stones
Searching for clean, clear and blue
Step into the water slowly and become acclimated
Because you get just as wet
As you do when you dive in
But you do it far more wisely
You don’t lose direction or breath
You don’t splash anyone
You don’t stir up more sediment for the bottom feeders
You walk right out of it onto relaxing beaches

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