A life more free; poem and response

I was reading blogs, trying to catch up with all the talent out there, when I came across a blog about peace but silly wordpress wouldn’t let me comment more than two lines so I have done a blog in response which then inspired me with the following poem. So first my response (please do check out the blog first 🙂 );

To me peace is a personal inner peace. It doesn’t come from leaders, it comes from within me and it does not come often. I have fleeting snatches of peace and at those times I am fully living, I am in one moment and experiencing that moment fully. What I mean is that I try so often to live in the present and not worry about past or future (a very hard thing to do when I naturally worry about the smallest of things, filling in a form yesterday almost brought me to a panic attack) but when I do focus on what is, I feel more at peace. Thanks for a thought provoking post.

I then started writing a poem and it follows a very similar theme, i decided to restrict myself with making it 100 words long 🙂


A life more free


We must use what’s given us in life

Take some chances, learn what’s right

We make mistakes, stumble and fail

Tools we are given will help us avail


I don’t speak of hammers or what you can see

But using what’s inside to live life more free

Through learning you make rules to try keep

‘Being there for others when they smile or weep’


A good rule to have but this warning I give

Make it flexible or you’ll drain like a sieve.

You can’t comfort all, or always be glad

Just try be there to give what you have


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