A calming voice

I felt an urge to do some writing despite not usually writing in evenings (due to no concentration) So if this is my worst post to date you will know why and I have something to blame 😛 

I decided to do a Flash in the Pan challenge with the prompt Delusional. 100 words really isn’t very much but I enjoy the challenge.


He found again the image before him and yet felt sure he had taken a different path through the woods. He swung away from the fires and marched back into the gloomy half-light of the trees, but only a few steps brought him back to his nightmare as if it stalked him, Drawn by his fear.

Soft words came to him on the breeze, telling him to relax, that he was being taken care of. He felt he should know that voice, she was important somehow but he was too anxious to flee this hell to be able to focus.


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