Overcoming limitation

Here is the second poem inspired by the blog 



This is what I was given, I am who I am

Yet could I become something I’m not?

Become better, upgraded, top notch?

Yet this is what you gave me, can I be what I’m not?


The aversion to groups, living a quiet life

I got this from you and yet I feel I must try

Spend time with friends, get out and about

‘It’s hard to be different’ again I will cry


My social life is behind me, I wish to just settle

Then I’m dragged from the house by a demand

I have to keep going, spend time in large groups

Pretend to enjoy the noise and smile they command


I can’t be what I’m not. I’ve tried time and again

So let me now settle in the company of paper and pen

13 thoughts on “Overcoming limitation

  1. Your words bring to mind a very good friend who also has fybromalgia and the challenges she takes on with even the simplest of tasks. Her being a Buddhist with her affection towards everyone has helped to mask the pain– but still she manages to smile on. Thanx for sharing your poems with us and have a wonderful day.

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