A symbol of who I am

My responses to this challenge. I had ideas just from the start of the blog so I wrote my 1st poem and then I read the rest of the blog and got ideas for another poem 🙂 I’m in a bit of a creative roll I think. Here’s the first poem:



I still remember being told I had pianist hands

The comment confused as I had never learnt

Another told me I could go into hand modelling

It hurt to know they wouldn’t want my face


These hands were passed down from my Nanna

They perhaps go back even further

My hands to me show my link with the past

Some would look and see hints of my future


Often though they are simply ignored and abused

Little thanks shown for their hard work

Rarely pampered or allowed to have a rest

Do it treat them how I expect to be treated?



Here is the link to the blog


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