The report was due tomorow

Her reaction didn’t result from an explosion of noise, no-one had heard anything frightful but Shelly.

She insisted it was an out of place noise, it was alien to the office environment but where did the noise come from? She struggled to find words to describe and slowly less people believed in her tale. It seemed that someone else should have heard this quiet rasping voice.

Her reaction had spilt hot coffee over her work space, ruining her work. With a frustrated sigh she turned to her desk and tried to salvage something of the report that was due tomorrow. 


This is for the 100 word challenge using the prompt 

….but where did the noise come from…

here’s the link if you want to join in 🙂


4 thoughts on “The report was due tomorow

    1. I am still working on a short story that was started by doing one of these 100 word challenges. also have other stories that i’m working on but i enjoy these short challenges 🙂

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