The rose denied

My attempt at the writing challenge set by


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By artur84, published on 06 April 2013

If I enter my tragedy unravelled

Must you pursue me pharisaically?

Translate these hypocritical tendencies

And show some mercy

Don’t all roses hold thorns also?

Must your focus be on mine?

Turn from them to my petals

Or better see how dry my roots are

I need love and nurture

I have come in humility

Yet feel I am denied


6 thoughts on “The rose denied

  1. Ah, I feel this one. When you reach out for help only to get a scolding, or correction. They don’t seem to take time to acknowledge you and your fragile heart. I often get this when I share my poetry with my friends at home. Some just offer one-line critiques and never show any other kind of support. I guess some people are like that, they can’t see the heart like we can.

    1. I’m sorry you do not have the support of friends but am so glad you are on wordpress as I have found it a wonderful place of support and encouragement 🙂 Thank you for reading more of my work

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