Like an outsider I sit

Gaze around at mouths singing words

Words they know by heart yet

Do they put their hearts and minds in it?

Little life or enthusiasm surrounds me

Some stand bolt upright like pillars

Determinedly playing their part

Allowing words to pour out them with little thought

As the guitars fast rhythms tries to awaken the pulse and increase adrenaline


Is it all show? Does the band try to orchestrate this play?

Is it no different to the chants of African tribes? Just rituals to be played out?

Is all religion self-induced? Repetitive rhythms, increasing the pulse.


We only take in what fits our rules

Isn’t this what CBT has taught me?

They tell me of a mental crusher, filtering which information I keep hold of

Does everyone have this filter? If so then is there ever truth?


Around me I see family

Familiarity and love connects the people in the room

This is why I came, this is what I miss

Family, not blood but still just as real


Can I be accepted here as me? I don’t keep up the show, I don’t play a part

I will not be false. I do not believe in their god

Carmo Church Ruins In Lisbon, Portugal Stock Photo
By artur84 on

I will not sing to a god whom I don’t know. So should I be here?


2 thoughts on “Family?

  1. I really felt like I understood how you felt in this poem. We do not always have to believe in the same thing to attend the same functions. This is a terrific poem about family and different beliefs that one may have from them. 🙂

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