A dark day

Warning this is a very dark poem inspired by my lowest moments in depression, it may trigger those who struggle with similar. I would hate my venting of emotions and thoughts to make anyone else worse.


photo taken by Antpkr on http://www.freedigitalphotos.net


Don’t be fooled by the colourful clothes I wear

My insides are Gothic black with despair

What I have or do doesn’t seem to matter

As my mood takes a nose dive with a clunk and a clatter


I thought my husband might just give me a slap

Tell me to get up and deal with the crap

He didn’t, he sat there listening to my spiel

He said he loved me yet it didn’t make me feel


Happier I just numbly replied that I loved him to

Yet I didn’t feel it, just numb through n through

It’s weird how it changes so fast in my head

I began to wish I were dead


Deep down I know my life isn’t so bad

But now all the dark clouds I ever had

Are colliding together to shut out all light

I feel drained of willingness I’m losing the fight


But a glimmer of light remains that is hope

Tomorrow may brighten and then I may cope

I’ll draw a line from today and start a new day

I just wish the dark clouds would ‘Go away!’


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