A-Z of Me


As I try and puzzle life out I

Become more convinced all life is


Dare I make up rules to confine it?

Ego high I tried and


Getting through life shouldn’t need a strict theorem

Hating less and loving more

Isn’t that enough to live by?

Justice with mercy and forgiveness of wrongs

Kindness and striving to touch people’s lives

Let me be happy with these sorts of goals

Minding not the lack of energy or employment

Noticing only how I serve others

Oh! If only I could view myself this way

Pining for a different life, I forget to live

Questing for elusive energy and ways to feel more useful

Rarely do I see the qualities you say I’ve got

Still trying to find a way out of the darkness

Torturing myself with each shortcoming

Unbelieving in any merit you wish me to see

Viewing you as bias in your praise

Wishing things to be as they were, but

X marks the spot and there’s no turning back

You support me each step of the way on this

Zigzagging path through the Chaos of life 


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