I would appreciate any thoughts on how to improve this as it feels more just a jumble of thoughts, but i didn’t want to lose the feeling (I have always tried to not edit my poems too much)


Walking through the house I sometimes feel a visitor.

All at once I notice the state of disrepair

I wish to go back to blissful ignorance

No longer see the things that need to be done


I have to keep chanting to myself

‘You can’t do everything’

If I’ve had a bad day then

Some things must be left un-done


Yet to look around and find that once again

Things have turned to mess and the list is getting long

It’s just an endless task that I feel unfit to do

Then like a knight you rescue me and help me get things done


We get on-top of all the clutter and together we have won

I think in the end that was always the key

I may not have the strength alone

But together we work well, a team of you and me.


2 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. The only way I know how to tweak a free verse poem is by making it rhyme, and so I’m pretty useless. I don’t like to edit my poems too much either as it loses its original feel, and I find myself often reverting back to the original in the end anyways. Sorry I’m not much help.

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