Frustrating Comparisons

Sometimes I think to stay is best

To just curl up and go to rest

But some strength still remains

To try push on, try and gain


More cheerful thoughts will spend my time


Yet why can’t I be left alone

In my gloomy, darkened home

Why is their view held as ideal

I’d rather be sad, but stick to what’s real


Their view is fantasy and falsely happy


6 thoughts on “Frustrating Comparisons

      1. Not being sarcastic. I’m in agreement. I don’t like people insisting that I cheer up. Being cheerful when the world’s in such a mess is just another way of being ignorant.

    1. Oh I think you can be happy but some people seem to wear happiness as a a mask making my lack look even more startling by the contrast, hmm not sure i’m making sense. I hope one day to be happier but without being false 🙂

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