Flash fiction- After Party

This is an expansion from a 100 word exercise. 


After all the excitement, Tina was making a start on tidying up when she was startled by a male voice.

‘Want some help?’ It was Pete.

‘Oh, um, yeah.’ Tina blushed and tried to sound a little more grateful ‘Sorry, it really is kind of you to offer. I thought you had left with Bill, Sue and all that lot.’ Tina shrugged wondering why he hadn’t left with his usual gang of friends, they rarely separated at school, yet here he was on his own and offering to help with a less than pleasant job.

Tina became very happy of the extra pair of hands when it came to re-arranging the furniture that was scattered around the house in a haphazard fashion. Her parents would be home in 4 hours and Tina was nervous they might find out about the party. They worked till 5am before Pete slumped exhausted onto the sofa. Tina bustled off to make them both a coffee, wishing she knew what to say. How many times had she fantasied about him, about having him alone and now she felt tongue tied, tripping over each word. She came back and sat next to him on the sofa, offering him a steaming coffee cup.

‘Thank you so much for helping.’ Tina said for the tenth time. Her tiredness started to consume her as she sat next to him and when she was tired Tina always talked too much. ‘I didn’t want this huge party, just a few friends,’ she sighed, ‘it felt like the whole school turned up.’

‘They did it to me one year.’ Pete admitted as he looked into Tina’s eyes, ‘It took hours to get everything sorted, no-one stopped to lend a hand. I couldn’t do that to you.’ He looked away with a blush, as if admitting to something shameful.

Silence stretched for a moment before Tina spoke with anger edging her words, ‘I would have hoped Sophie would have helped. She’s supposed to be my best friend. I guess she was too preoccupied with trying to become best friends with Sue.’ A thought struck Tina then, one which she hated to think of yet couldn’t seem to shake. It was most likely that Sophie had seen her chance to become more popular and had leaked to everyone about the party. Pete picked up on her mood but misread it, ‘look, don’t be too hard on your fiend, no one likes to have to stay behind and clean. She’s still your friend.’ He smiled encouragingly.

‘Why did you stay?’ Tina didn’t mean to ask it aloud but the words seemed to slip out. They didn’t sound very grateful.

‘I can go…’ He looked a little confused and Tina couldn’t blame him.

‘No!’ She almost took hold of his wrist, but stopped herself last second, ‘I didn’t mean it that way.’ She blushed and picked up her cup to keep her hands from touching Pete’s.

Still looking a little confused Pete relaxed back into the sofa and inhaled the potent smell of the coffee. They didn’t speak much but Tina locked away each moment in her heart, it didn’t seem to matter to her that no words were spoken. Tina was beginning to feel very drowsy and it was only when she almost fell asleep that Pete made a move to leave.

‘Hey I should get home.’ Pete said as he stood and stretched slightly. Tina blushed at how close her head had been to his shoulder as they stood awkwardly by the door. ‘It was a great party; I know it wasn’t what you wanted.’ Pete said and then wrapped his arms around Tina’s slender figure, she felt in heaven and was sure the hug was slightly lingering.

‘Not all the evening was bad.’ She admitted looking down at her shoes as she blushed even brighter. She opened the door and Pete took a step outside before turning back towards her. There was another pause and Tina hoped that now would be when they finally kissed but Pete kept a slight distance the whole time and spoke slightly nervously.

‘Well I guess I’ll see you in school.’ He smiled, but Tina felt her heart beat frantically. It was the end of her special evening, he would leave and things would just go back to how they were.

A lump came to her throat as she said, ‘See you in Maths.’

His faced turned puzzled a second and his question made Tina both blush and yet feel ice cold, ‘We have Math together?’ He asked and Tina nodded, before he turned to walk out into puddles of light from dim street lamps.


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