Changing View

Loud talk, banter, gaiety; I have no part in thee

Anxiety, gloom and despair; I have built my home there

Only one has power to move me, only one can improve me

Only I can change my view


You may tell me what you see, but what you wish cannot be

I cannot just meet you there. No easy path for me to ware

The journey will take many years; filled with set-backs and tears

Your view is such a different place.


Do not fear for me in my home, I do have plans to be gone

I will seek a place that is good, that helps me feel what I should

And in that happier home; I will bid you come

I found a happier, yet truthful view


5 thoughts on “Changing View

  1. You express so well the inflexibility in view that occurs when one is depressed and unable to see beyond that depression. Hopefully your journey to a different view will be shorter than you think. Well written.

    1. Thank you as always i tried to not edit my work to make it sound more cheerful and just left it ‘raw’. I am better than I was 🙂 Your comments and support are so appreciated.

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