House party (100 word challenge)

After all the excitement, Tina was startled by a male voice. She thought everyone had left.

‘Want some help?’ It was Pete. She was grateful of the extra pair of hands.

Eventually they slumped onto the sofa. ‘Thanks’ she said, as she offered him a steaming coffee, ‘I didn’t want this huge party, it felt like the whole school turned up.’

‘They did it to me one year.’ Pete admitted as he looked into Tina’s eyes, ‘It took hours to tidy, no-one stopped to help. I couldn’t do that to you.’ He looked away, as if admitting to something shameful.

I found I began to write a short story and cutting it down to 100 words has been very difficult, I just hope it hasn’t lost too much of the story with all the editing 🙂

For anyone wanting to join in here’s the link;


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