My slow pace

The hours go past and yet there’s still much to read, much to do

Am I just too slow or is the world too fast, I can’t decide.

There are so many great poems still left unread

and so much that I must leave unsaid

Stories to write and poems too

Time is always against me

and I feel exhausted

with this fast pace

So forgive me please if

I miss a poem or my blogs slow

I try read all the great things you write

But Time is truly not my friend, it rushes on ahead,

 Leaving me far behind with an ever growing list of things to do

I wish to enjoy reading each poem and take the time to absorb the words

So I often fall behind with reading which affects my writing too, so please forgive


My                                          slow                                           pace.


17 thoughts on “My slow pace

      1. Yep. I have a knee injury at the moment, so I have been making up for being unable to do walking stuff by doing more sitting stuff. We have very neat filing at the moment, but the kitchen is a mess!

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