Fibro Fatigue

Energy flees, disappointment swells

Things left undone stay heavy on my mind

Cancelling plans and feeling reduced to a slob on a sofa

I try turn thoughts to what I can do, not ‘can-not’

But how many times now have I let people down?

How many plans have had to change?

When will it end?


Half glass turns to nothing left at all

Yet when I have half I’m not satisfied

I try push for more and end up losing all I had before

Balance is key but who when given a little

Of the taste of really living would not try grasp hold?

How many times will I push too far?

When will I learn?


2 thoughts on “Fibro Fatigue

  1. Ah, unfortunately no one can answer those questions for you, as I’m sure you already know. Hopefully time and experience will help you calibrate your energy within your limits to achieve a nice balance. You express yourself here very well.

    1. i feel i am getting a bit better and this morning I got a lot sorted 🙂 I think i just get frustrated when my body tells me to stop :P. Thank you, i’m always happy to hear that my ramblings make sense 🙂

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