Visiting Home

Room’s smelling of paint and sparkling new
Furniture changed and jobs left to do
All of the change doesn’t make it less known
The house where I grew, that I called Home

The books in the dining room, filling each space
books overspilling to living room’s bookcase
Tall evergreens still standing proud
the children still playing; games fun and loud

I spent so much time here in days of my youth
Memories swarm from under it’s roof
I have changed much, I don’t really belong
I’m not who I was and so it feels wrong

Like a stranger visiting a house they don’t know
Yet memories connect me with each place I go


6 thoughts on “Visiting Home

  1. I love your new theme. It pops. The last 4 lines of your poem are so perfect in the way they express how it feels like to revisit past homes.

    1. Thanks for the comment on the theme, I was unsure about changing things at first but when i had a play I was happy 🙂
      Thank you, i’m glad they rang true for you. I was writing from the heart.

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