Any advice would be welcome

I am seriously contemplating self publishing a short story I have been working on. I am wary as I don’t really know what is involved, but I have come across Smashwords and think I might actually be able to get my work out there. This is both exciting and daunting.

I would love for people to read my work. It really isn’t about making money. I enjoy writing, but it would be great if I could then share my work.

I would really appreciate anyone who knows about how publishing on e-books works to help me out with advice. I have sent my first draft out to a few friends and gotten a bit of feedback and am now really working on editing and perfecting my piece but I want it to go somewhere.

I have also heard mention of but I don’t really know anything about it. Have you heard of it or used it? 

I feel like I should take this scary step and (once the story is finished) send it out for people to read but I just don’t know.

Any tips links to blogs or advice would be so very welcome.


24 thoughts on “Any advice would be welcome

  1. Smashwords will let you publish for free, which might be a good option for you if you’re just looking to spread your work! Cover design and formatting are the tricky parts of self-publishing. There are some free cover creators, I think, or very, very cheap ones, you could use if you do a google search, but if you want your work to stand out you need a professional-looking cover.

    Check out amazon’s create space, which will allow you to create a cover for free from their stock photos and offer a paperback on demand (that can’t be free, of course.) They also offer a free template for formatting a paperback.

    Formatting the ebook is a BEAST. I’d do lots of research on that before you put a book up.

    1. I would need to do a lot of research into artists for the cover so thank you for giving me a place to start.
      I am still not sure this is the right path, as I haven’t even tried sending it off to be published so maybe i’m selling myself short. Its so hard to know but the more information I can gather, the better 🙂 So thank you for leaving a comment

      1. sure thing! If you have any other questions about self-publishing, let me know. You can always self-publish AS you’re seeking an agent, you know. Lots of people do that.

      2. I worry about trying to do the marketing and everything without the support of a publisher. I’m still so unsure but thank you again for your comment

      3. you’re welcome. unfortunately, even with a publisher, a LOT of the marketing comes down to the author. That’s just how the industry is designed. While large publishers will lift a finger to help you out )But not much more) small presses don’t have staff or funding to provide a big marketing effort to go along with printing your book. 😦

      4. oh i don’t expect to sit back as they do the work believe me, but having a few pointers on how best to promote my book and a little helping hand is what i seek if it can be found. If not I will get my book self published and I will do my best to get it known, because to have others read my work would be such a dream.

      5. I just feel like i have to make this huge choice and yet i don’t feel i will ever really know what i’m choosing between if that makes any sense.

      6. can i ask how long you wrote before you published? how did you know if your work was good enough? I’m worried because i see how i keep improving and think perhaps i should wait but then couldn’t i end up waiting forever?

      7. I have written five novels, never published the first. Published the second after writing the third and getting feedback on the second from various beta readers and making lots of edits and such….. It’s a tough call to make.

        What gave me the confidence was telling myself other people liked my novel and that having a BA in Spanish and English and an MA in Spanish lit gave me the skills to know the work was good enough (whether or not that’s true).

        I published eight or nine years after I first started writing, but that’s me. Everyone’s progression is different.

      8. thank you for answering my prying questions, it may be different for everyone but it’s interesting to know all the same 🙂

      9. Have you read “The Idiot’ Guide to Publishing?” I would recommend it. It breaks down the publishing process (in terms of seeking an agent, not self-publishing, unfortunately)

  2. As someone with no confidence, I admire your desire to get your work to a wider audience. I honestly can’t see a downside – if the chance to get your (very talented) self out there is available, I say go for it 🙂

    1. 🙂 I have little to no confidence myself and wouldn’t be at this point without the support of others. I am trying to decide whether i should try publishing in usual ways as this (as far as i understand it) would give me a professional cover, publicity and the name of a publisher behind me…I don’t know if I can do it alone. Lots to look into so will have to see 🙂

  3. Sorry, wish I had some advice I could give you on this. I think it is wonderful that you are looking to self-publish. You will have to keep us updated on your journey.

    1. I will be telling you of each step (possibly boring you all with the details 😛 ) for now I will need to really think hard and research into things. I want to know a little of what i’m getting into before i leap in 😛

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