Journey Unknown

It’s such a big step. Am I ready, I don’t know?

Such a big step out into the unknown

For what do I really know about writing?

Won’t I be ridiculed, laughed at, slighted?


So many fears and worries surround

I have few answers and questions abound

I’ll ask left and right and do my research

But who can tell me if I’m ready at last?


The weather is bright but my mood is confused

One second joyful, excited enthused

Next I feel so unsure what to do

Who can say if this path leads me true?


I’ll do my research, find out where it leads

Each step will be measured, all warnings I’ll heed

I know it won’t be easy, this winding road

But I know I’m not alone, you lighten my load


There are people to inspire me and people who’ve been there

People to encourage and those who tell me to beware

The warnings and the advice, the compliments and care

I’ll pack them all for my journey to who knows where


4 thoughts on “Journey Unknown

  1. Will you be joining that writers group you wrote about awhile back? That would indeed be a big step and a very courageous one. Of course, you could just be writing about writing in general. Sometimes I’m not very good at distinguishing between literal and figurative.

    1. I decided against the writing group, The big step is trying to decide whether to self publish a short story I’ve been working on. It isn’t finished just yet but I’m thinking it would be nice for others to read my work 🙂

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