A short writing exercise that I may later expand

The shadows were deep and cutting, the shattered light bulb still swung above her head. The party was long over. Sarah knew she should try and cover up what had happened, dispose the evidence, but she couldn’t move. A passer-by on the street outside her house, gawked through the window until Sarah finally roused herself and drew what remained of her red curtains to shut out the world. The agency would soon alter all her friend’s memories, but Sarah would still remember the horror in their eyes as they saw her in her true form, saw her for who she really was. She wasn’t a bad person, just different. The destruction had mainly been caused by their fear, though Sarah herself was responsible for the light bulb exploding; her manifestations always caused a great wave of energy to burst from her.


7 thoughts on “A short writing exercise that I may later expand

  1. It’s like the ‘capturing’ paragraph that you see at the start of a book, to draw in the audience and make them buy it… I’d be walking to the checkout with it in hand right now.. (or to one of those stupid annoying self service things…) 😉

  2. I have already developed this into a far longer story than I had originally thought. Just plans at the moment but i look forward to turning it into a novel.

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