Fighting Frustration

Frustration causes words to form

Ones that always leave a burn

The shame of speaking foul and cross

All the happy thoughts are lost


The anger whips from me so fast

I hardly have time to react

No time to stop those words so foul

They spill from me a grotesque pile


I try to filter what I say

Not let the anger ruin my day

But frustration is so hard to tame

And anger flares up just the same


I hate this loss of self-control

Like my words are not my own

If only I could find the way

To live a good life day by day


6 thoughts on “Fighting Frustration

  1. Personally, I LIKE the fact that sometimes, an emotion as strong as anger or frustration causes words to pour out. Some of the best stuff I’ve read comes from pure, raw, untamed emotion.

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