News from London

I have taken the prompt for 100 word challenge in what i feel is an unexpected direction. The picture to me looked as thou the fried egg had been cooked on a hot pavement so this then sparked my 100 words. 


The hot pavement sizzles in the afternoon sun. Gemma’s body grows tired as the heat drains all energy.

The smell of the sticky heat surrounds Gemma in a shroud, each breath more laboured than the last.

Gemma has not walked far before perspiration soaks her thin clothes. She was a fool to walk outside in the full heat of day, but the need to hear from her friend pushed her forwards. Fern had been to London and Gemma longed to hear of fashions and gossip.

Gemma had great news to share; for Gemma had been honoured by an unexpected visitor.


If you wish to take part in the 100 word challenge then here’s the blog page;

I find the words very limiting but that it helps keep my writing precise and fast paced.


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