Family filled days

Having family to stay

Both fun and stressful

House full to overflow

No more can time be restful

Voices everywhere

With screams and cuddles

The children well behaved

Yet I’m feeling muddled


Feel overwhelmed, unsure

So much to try and do

A gathering of loved ones

I hope I make it through

Next day brings change

Some leave and some stay

Treasured time with them

We walk to park to play


The girls behave and run

Around the climbing frame

It’s great to have them here

I’m happy that they came

But now I have the house

To myself, it peaceful quiet

It’s good to have some rest

After the great riot!


2 thoughts on “Family filled days

  1. I am someone who needs a lot of personal space. Having a house full of people for any extended period of time would probably drive me a little batty. Even just reading your poem was enough to give me the shivers. Brrrr. I like knowing that most of the hairs I find on the bathroom floor are my own.

    1. I actually really love having people visit but it was 8 adults and 4 children at one point so it was sort of nice when the numbers dropped to a more reasonable 4 adults and 2 children 🙂

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