Remember the Cost

Mad dash, quick movements

Try and sort the entire nuisance

Get rid of the rubbish and tidy the rooms

Put a fresh table cloth on and find the broom


Get everything ready, there’s no time to lose

It has to look great or I’ll blow a fuse

I’d hate for the visitors to see all the mess

Quick tidy the plates and try not to stress


The house is now looking tidy but at what cost?

I sit here in pain, my energy lost

I should have known better to try all I did

Now I’ll be too tired to play with the kids


I wrote this as a warning to myself to not over do things with tidying the house. I always get stressed over tidying the house before visitors come, but if i focus too much on that then when they arrive I won’t have the energy to enjoy their visit. My sister, brother in law and their two kids are coming tomorrow so i’m trying to find that balance between tidy and rest 🙂


6 thoughts on “Remember the Cost

    1. Glad i’m not the only one 🙂 i’m doing my best to relax a bit today as was busy a lot yesterday 🙂 As always thank you for your comments

  1. My mom needs to read this! 🙂 Enjoyed it, though I cannot relate(makes me guilt free for being lazy :P) 🙂

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