Accidental meeting

Nave Ceiling, painted 1858-65 by Henry Styleman L'Estrange and T. Gambier Parry

She looked up to the dizzying heights of the roof. Her gaze absorbed in the intricate patterns and detailed paintwork. She span slowly on the spot with her head craned right back and tried to capture all the beauty of this masterpiece. Then as if looking for the grand reflection of all this extravagance she looked down at the floor, to be dismayed at the simple marble. She walked along head fixed upwards. So busy trying to absorb all the beauty of the room that she bumped right into someone. He caught her before she tumbled to the ground, his arm sure and steady around her small waist. She felt like a child in her father’s arms. Reddening she looked hesitantly into the silver blue eyes of this man.


4 thoughts on “Accidental meeting

    1. I haven’t actually been to one in ages and I really want to go to a museum or art gallery soon. I’m starting to feel very uncultured

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