Pride and Prejudice Poem

If Elizabeth had known at once that Darcy’s heart was hers

Would it have saved them many troubles, stoppered many woes

For if the story of Wickham was told before the time

Lydia might not have run off and Darcy not spent a dime

Why must a man like Wickham, be given rank and fortune

When he crushed Georgiana’s heart, a hurt that will not heal soon


7 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice Poem

    1. Ah but not in the mind of Elizabeth Bennet, she will not marry for money and that is just one of the reasons she is such a great character 🙂

      1. Actually she had no interest in Darcy at all until she saw the size of his country estate if memory serves…although it has been a very long time since I read the book. It’ll be even longer before I read it again.

      2. Ah…like I say, it was loooong time ago when I read it. Having said all that, it still wasn’t as bad a book as Moby Dick. Now that really was awful.

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