Help, How do I decide whether to join a writing community?

I have just spent far too long trying to decide whether to join an online community of writers in my local area. They hold a sort of open mic every few months and seem like a good website, but how do I know if it’s good for me? I have just joined a community where I read others works and could have mine read. Do i want to join another one?

This group is local and organises events and competitions, so is more than just a sharing of work and giving feedback. I just don’t know if I should commit to another group. So far I have simply signed up for their newsletter hoping that will make my mind up.

If anyone’s interested its called The Lancshire Writing Hub;

Lancashire being the area I live in. If anyone has any advice then please leave me a comment. At the moment I am so undecided.

Sorry for an unusual post


10 thoughts on “Help, How do I decide whether to join a writing community?

  1. First of all – I didn’t know you were a Northern lass! I live in Cheshire!
    If it doesn’t cost you anything to join, I’d join. Then maybe you could go along to an open mic night or something and see how you feel. If it’s not for you, then you’ve lost nothing, have you?

    Of course I wouldn’t dream of joining a writing group. Have people read my work, who aren’t on WordPress?? The horror!

    But I think if it’s free to join and all it costs is some time, I’d go for it. I don’t see any downsides.

    1. My hesitancy is due to not wanting to over commit as I already struggle to make sure I actually write my novels and don’t get too stuck on here lol.
      Oh wow hello there in Cheshire 🙂

  2. I would agree with Simon. Just be wary of certain people. I had one person, who said she had some work published in a journal and was curious about my poetry, read some of my writing and she lambasted it. I felt horrible and didn’t want to share anything I wrote with anyone for awhile. Constructive criticism should never make you feel that way, and it will also tell you who is trying to support you and who is trying to knock you down.

      1. No, it’s not a nice feeling, but you gain strength every time you get back up on your feet. I think those who tend to succeed are the ones who get knocked down the most and still manage to struggle back up and say, “That’s it?”

      2. Hmm maybe I’m not strong enough then. well I don’t feel strong enough. On here everyone is so nice, oh I don’t know… 🙂 thanks for commenting

      3. Yes, you are strong enough. If you are strong enough to defy societal norms and live the life that you desire in spite of what other people say, you are strong enough by far to get back up after being knocked down a few times. You have strength you do not know you have. You just have to dig deep.

      4. Thank you for your kind word Cubby but I just don’t see any strength in me. Maybe I will attend the next open mic thing with my husband and just listen but I don’t think I’m bold enough to join in. I think entering competitions are less filled with that pressure as they either say yes or no.

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