I had never before come across this word; Equanimity. When it was used by another blogger in their poem i began to be inspired to write my own. So thanks goes to Simon for his poem Sweet Breeze. http://isimonfiction.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/sweet-breeze/


I spend my days

In a hell like maze

Sometimes finding my way

But most the time

I’m lost in time

All I want is Equanimity

No more battles

Or heart breaking

Trials, no mazes to navigate

Just peace and quiet

The calm of tranquillity

Where is my Equanimity?


8 thoughts on “Equanimity

    1. Yes I enjoy learning new words though it does make me feel a little silly when I have to stop reading and look up a word hehe. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

      1. Oh Lord, to me that’s part of the fun! I’ll read a new word, or hear a new word, look up it’s meaning, and find I just have to try and incorporate it in a poem.

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