Breaking Point

So fragile and coming apart

My mind screams

No words or thoughts

Just pain and hurt with no cause

Wrapped up in self no room to

Care for what’s right, care for you

I crumble inwards, let tears fall

Feel hollow inside, no love at all


Be warned this fragile beast might bite

With fury and fear, I’m not myself

Like an empty shell or vessel

That’s controlled by someone else


So consumed in how I feel

I hurt those closest to me

I’m not within this empty skin

I float above feeling nothing

Removed and alone but on edge

Like any second I could explode

Numbers tick away, passing time

Before this explosion of mine


8 thoughts on “Breaking Point

      1. Thank you for all your comments 🙂 I was filled to bursting with many emotions at the time and found it hard to write it down in words.

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