Sky you trickster

Sky you trickster, awaking me from my dreams.

You promised me sunshine, with those golden streams

Of light through my curtains giving a golden glow

The day looked to be perfect, but all just a show


Outside all I see is endless clouds bright

Grey and menacing, in places shining white

I’m now wide awake but feel cheated and lied to

Hoping for a sun filled day but that dream just fell through


I know I talk a lot about weather but when you find

It affects your mood, the weather becomes a sign

Of how you might well feel, I do not know why

I have such a close connection with the sky


But sometimes I just wish to be normal and free.


6 thoughts on “Sky you trickster

      1. You don’t have to apologize for writing about the weather. I have a poem called “If a Cloud” that I was waiting to post later today (to space things out a bit) that uses the concept of ebbing but in a very different context. Something about the tide is magical. 🙂

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