No poem today, sorry

I felt I would never write a good enough ending for the book i’m currently working on, but I have now written a very rough draft of over 1000 words! Time for a bit of a break and celebration!! I think it now brings some good resolution to the plot line.

I know a lot of writers will have planned out their story and know where it is all heading but for this book i simply wrote and every line led into another. It felt at times as though it were writing itself and i was just there for the ride. I am so happy with the finished draft and yet hating the long process of editing.

So I may not have written a poem today but i feel I have completed my goal anyway, for that ending did not come easily and will still need a lot of work to make it right.

Hope my readers will forgive the lack of poem


6 thoughts on “No poem today, sorry

    1. Im trying to write one novel using a planing method but this sort of happened in the middle of all my planning and I’ve not yet gone back to my original novel.

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